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Space Playlist with Delta II and Shuttle. GRAIL will be the final use of the Delta II Rocket

Dear Michael Allan,

Congratulations! You have been selected to attend the NASA Tweetup on Sept. 7-8 in conjunction with the launch of the twin GRAIL spacecraft!

The two-day event will provide you the opportunity to tour the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex; speak with scientists and engineers from GRAIL and other upcoming missions; and, if all goes as scheduled, view the spacecraft launch. The launch window opens at 8:37 a.m. EDT on Sept. 8.

@NebulousBoomer It’s Official; I made the list of 150 to attend the GRAIL NASA Tweet Up at KSC on Sept.7-8! I am super excited to be selected and ready to GO! I might be the happiest old nerd on this Planet 🙂

The excitement builds quickly when you get some Twitter Tweeps and Facebook geeks going to a NASA event 1 day after confirmation; we have a Facebook group and are already making plans for social time stuff #endlessBBQ for example. My first trip to the Space Center was 1984 for Challengers first landing there. There was no FB or Twitter cell phones were for the rich; and being in the Air Force I certainly was not. Now all these years later with new technologies and gadgets we can bring a first person acct to all our virtual friends around the World as it happens! Very exciting stuff.

There are a lot of first time Tweet Up folks on this event. Some are coming from around the World here is our map of attendees. As more and more check into our Facebook Group we have them add their location and Twitter names. It makes for a very cool info-graphic.

#GRAIL #NASATweetup are the hashtags for the event I hope you follow my Tweets as I see the event live.

Delta II


CONTACT: Michael Allan

Tel: 606-787-4578

Cell 606-371-7779




Liberty, KY Resident is One of 150 Selected to Attend NASA Tweetup for Launch of Twin Lunar-Bound GRAIL Spacecraft Sept. 7 – 8, 2011

NASA Twitter Followers Will Tweet from Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Liberty Kentucky (8/15/2011) – NASA will bring together 150 Twitter followers to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for a two-day Tweetup, Sept. 7 – 8, 2011, for the launch of twin lunar-bound Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) spacecraft aboard a Delta II rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Casey County, Liberty resident Michael Allan of Gum Lick Rd has been selected as one of 150 @NASA Twitter followers to attend and Tweet the event. The launch window opens at 8:37 a.m. EDT on Thursday, Sept. 8. The two GRAIL spacecraft will measure the moon’s gravity field from its crust to core and provide scientists with a better understanding of how Earth and other rocky planets in the solar system formed.

As a NASA Tweetup attendee, Allan and the other 149 Twitter users will interact with engineers and scientists from GRAIL and other upcoming NASA missions as well as tour the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. If all goes as scheduled, participants will view the spacecraft launch. In addition, the Tweetup will allow participants to meet other tweeps and members of NASA’s social media team. Attendees were selected through a lottery system in which more than 825 @NASA Twitter followers registered.

I am fulfilling a childhood dream,” Allan said, “Since 1967 I have been a NASA space lover. And to be allowed “inside” access to NASA and it’s Engineers and; as an Engineer still looking for employment has been hard but the hiatus has given me this once in a lifetime chance.” Follow his Tweets at

NASA Tweetup participants are traveling from across the United States and the globe to attend. View the list of list of registered attendees on the NASA Tweetup Twitter account:

NASA held its first Tweetup on Jan. 21, 2009, at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. NASA’s Tweetup Twitter account is and participants will be using #NASATweetup in their updates while tweeting. Information about NASA Tweetup can be viewed on .

About the GRAIL Mission

The two GRAIL spacecraft will fly in tandem orbits around the moon for several months to measure its gravity field from crust to core. The mission will answer longstanding questions about Earth’s moon and provide scientists with a better understanding of how Earth and other rocky planets in the solar system formed.

GRAIL’s lift off is the third of four space missions launching this year under the management of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. Aquarius launched June 10 to study ocean salinity; Juno launched Aug. 5 to study the origins and interior of Jupiter; and the Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity rover heads to the Red Planet no earlier than Nov. 25. Visit for additional information about GRAIL.!/NASATweetup/grail-launch


Google+ Yes even an old dog can find new tricks. I am currently test driving my G+ account and will be adding my experiences on G+ and comparing it to Facebook and Twitter. I can already tell you I like it better than Facebook and I have very high expectations of what is to come. OK today was a profound day 7/19/2011; Berit Ellingsen genius fiction author of very visionary stories added me to her circle!! I am seriously geeking out! Now I feel a real responsibility to not screw that up! Facebook blows for that reason alone; I really will enjoy actually having some interesting people to look forward to posting.

I have been on G+ for a little over a week now and I LOVE IT! It’s so much more like College compared to High School. There are no annoying ads; spammers and Farmville is thankfully not there. You can follow your favorites like Twitter and if you’re lucky they will add you to a circle like William Shattner or Berit Ellingsen did for me. You can post GIF images for entertainment of yourself and friends. You have the options to whom you share with; from just you to all your circles or public. Photos can be edited in the pic view which is very neat.

Stay tuned…..visit me on G+ here

Ken Block and his


Can there be Justice in the Age of Social Media?

#Casey Anthony #JudgePerry #caseyanthonyverdict on Twitter; CNN talking about outrage.. Fox News inciting it’s feelings to the American public with their views of this trial and how the Social Networks are outraged. I am shocked yes; I am stunned BUT NOT outraged. I get it. One person I used to follow on Twitter a respected (not by me anymore) Gov’t employee has been up in arms about this all leading to the verdict; and after she has snapped. I won’t mention her name or profession but here is her Tweet minus the Hash’s and mentions: “I think it’s time for (Hashes and mentions) let the court of public opinion prevail in this open, transparent world”.” WOW now that’s a statement I can bite into. Hell it inspired me to pound this thing out.

Let’s just abandon the Constitution; grab our torches and run over there and throw a rope over a tree? Hell buying rope is a waste of money for just one use let’s dig a hole; bury her up to her neck and stone her? Nancy Grace might even dig the hole; round-up our rock pile and throw that 1st stone. Absurd right? Yes it is. But there it is on TV in social circles via the web. 12 Jurors heard the evidence presented; they saw the Defense and Prosecution present cases. They argued testimony that painted a very public picture of a man vilified for nothing proven by Law Enforcement; child rape of his Daughter and her now dead child for which this trial is about.

Motive? What wasn’t proven was motive; what motivated Casey Anthony to kill? Reasonable doubt indeed WAS proven here. What also was proven is that for good or bad the criminal justice system and our beloved Constitution WORKED. Whether we agree or not is inconsequential; this is a victory for reasonable doubt. This was a death penalty case let’s remember. Yes a little girl is dead killed by someone terrible and we all want JUSTICE we want that hanging day. But do we rush to justice based on what we read or what we see on places like FB and Twitter on TV by Nancy Grace? Do we plunge headlong into lawlessness because Fox News’s Bill Hemmer thinks it’s wrong she went free? Who cares what he thinks? He has such a hard on for this story and wants to be “that guy” to break something he’s trying to put words in a witnesses mouth. I can’t find ONE UNBIASED report in the news at all save some level-headed print folks.

Report the news and shut up that’s my journalistic advice to them and I’m no journalist or writer and I am sure not a lawyer.

Celebrity and Convictions in Social Media and Television. 

Since the Lindbergh Kidnapping media has made sensation out of celebrity. From Lindbergh to Son of Sam and OJ Simpson. Here is a taste of that drama:

The kidnapping of Charles A. and Anne M. Lindbergh’s twenty-month-old son horrified the United States, and even the world. In 1927, at age twenty-five, Lindbergh achieved international fame with the first solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by air, and in the bleak years of the late 1920s, the young aviator became a symbol of courage and success. The disappearance of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr., on March 1, 1932, and the discovery of his corpse ten weeks later, led to a riotous trial, significant changes in federal law, and a tightening of courtroom rules regarding cameras.

Lindbergh’s historic flight from New York to Paris in The Spirit of St. Louis brought him both adulation and wealth. By the end of 1930, he was estimated to be worth over $1.5 million. His was an enviable life, with more than enough justifications for the nickname Lucky Lindy: world fame; the Congressional Medal of Honor; foreign nations sponsoring his long-distance flights; positions with several airlines; a publishing career; and, in 1929, marriage to the daughter of the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, the writer Anne Spencer Morrow. The couple made their home in New Jersey, where their first child, Charles, Jr., was born in 1930.

In the context of 1930s crime, the kidnapping of Charles, Jr., was not unique. But because he was the Lindbergh’s’ son, his disappearance provoked weeks of well-publicized agonizing. Lindbergh led the search effort and even negotiated with organized crime figures. All hopes ended when the child’s body was found near the family estate.

Nearly two years passed before Bruno Richard Hauptmann, a carpenter, was arrested as the prime suspect in the murder. Hauptmann’s trial, held between 1934 and 1935, was a sensation. Nearly seven hundred reporters and photographers flocked to the New Jersey town that was the site of the trial. Inside the courtroom, where flashbulbs popped and a concealed newsreel camera whirred, order was seldom possible. Equally beset were the Lindbergh’s themselves, and Charles Lindbergh, despite his fame, developed a hatred for the media. After Hauptmann was convicted and, in 1936, executed, the couple left the United States to live in England.

The American Bar Association (ABA) viewed the trial as a media circus and called for reform. In 1937 the ABA included a prohibition on courtroom photography in its Canons of Professional and Judicial Ethics. All but two states adopted the ban, and the U.S. Congress amended the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure to ban cameras and broadcasting from federal courts. The ban on photography in courtrooms prompted by the trial would last nearly four decades.

Another important result of the kidnapping was the passage of the 1932 Federal Kidnapping Act (U.S.C.A. §§ 1201-1202 [1988 & Supp. 1992]), popularly called the Lindbergh Law. This statute made it a federal offense to kidnap someone with the intent to seek a ransom or reward. The law has since been modified several times not only to increase penalties but to make the investigative work of federal agents easier.

Clearly there needs to be another ban on cameras and media access to the courts pre-verdict.  Silentium est aurum (Silence is Golden) there have been some successful convictions and some failures; OJ Simpson is a good example. Riveted public and media in a kind of  Reality Show drama Geraldo style played out the murders of 2 people and reasonable doubt won then as well. As a juror it’s your duty to stick to the evidence not the conjecture in a case. Why do you think there is that adversarial relationship Prosecution and Defense?

My real question is: Can celebrities or pseudo-celebrities EVER be convicted? Will people be so whipped into a frenzy that they will abandon what this Nation stands for just to see a person die for it guilty or innocent?

China's Facebook clone login screen

New Link added 7/24/2011


China to censor outspoken crash coverage:


Ministry of Tofu

The anniversary celebrating 90 Years of the Communist Party was July 1st. Forbes Magazine called it “From the March from Communism to the March of Capitalism”. A march indeed; the rise from cheap knockoff to cheap super power has begun in earnest. From the J20 Stealth Fighter wannabe gleaned clearly from the hack of the prime contractor’s database containing our F-35 data to the reported building of an aircraft carrier. China has started to become a real presence in space and cyberspace these days. So why wouldn’t they have Social media too? Well I am glad to report they sure do; and of course it’s a clone of my nemesis Facebook.

Renren is defined as:  The Renren Network (; literally “everyone network”), formerly known as Xiaonei Network (; literally “on-campus network”) is a Chinese social networking site with an interface similar to that of Facebook. It is popular among college students in China. I have a feeling being popular means that because it’s all that is allowed by the Peoples Government? It’s no secret that China is a hard-line. Their history of suppressing free speech is well documented; from artists to techies. Obama threw in his 2 cents about not allowing access to sites like Twitter in a speech to students back in 2009 “I think that the more freely information flows the stronger the society becomes, because then citizens of countries around the world can hold their own governments accountable, they can begin to think for themselves and that generates new ideas and encourages creativity.” From what I have read 66% or more believe that opinions expressed in social media have more influence over contemporary public policy than other source.

Shaping policy; there it is again. The Dragon might well fear that and they should; China’s Communist Party said in its meetings that the challenge for them is corruption; given that the new capitalists have lost on the order of 140 billion dollars to fleeing Party members with dirty little fingers. I would have a guess that there was a great deal of discussion about squashing social media as well. And considering that in 2009 the Chinese government ordered all Chinese computers to have the Green Dam software installed. All new computers would have this intrusive bit of software loaded at the factory. The government said the software was needed to protect young people from the dangers of pornography and other polluting influences.

What was clear to the rest of the world was that the main polluting influences Beijing was worried about were the free press from the rest of the world and other sources of information independent from the ruling Communist Party. The software also allowed the government to more easily reach into an individual computer and roam around to see what “polluting” thoughts might be stored on an individual’s hard drive.

TechRice said it like this in their list of Top 15 Social Networking Sites : “Finding reliable numbers on the Chinese internet is notoriously difficult: there are lies, damned lies, and Chinese statistics. Take them with a pound of salt” from a story dated in March 2011. It is very clear that a lot goes into China but little comes out. How long can the Chinese use stolen software to block World news and events? When will Chinese Hacktivists take the fight to their own kind? I know these crafty buggers are hammering something.

Anyone who has been to China would seriously tell you that the pollution in China is not from the Porn Industry.

Case in point dated 7/24/2011 after the tragic high speed rail accident China has taken damage control measures

It even has a proper logo

Protests in Yemen

Fear and Loathing in Social Media on Independence Day?

In my first crack at this Blog stuff I reflected on a hard lesson taught in Social Media. I know at least one great person that said I was dead on target and this round of fire I hope is too. TY BD you know who you are.

My first negative experience involved my kids oddly enough they are teens of course. I was frustrated and angry at the lack of attention paid to their work in the house. Oh the grades stayed awesome but the work began to dwindle. Dinner was only punctuated by buzzing phones as I had banned the ringing because of the sheer amount of noise it presented. Everyone had to turn everything up to hear it. Deafening. When asked what on earth what could be so interesting that entire conversations with them were not remembered by them. I had to know. Texting was the answer. They were texting friends; hell they were texting each other in the same house and their rooms were next to each other. Insanity 101 I was convinced. I soon got my own Smartphone because I had “phone envy” my simple device just would not do. I had to be connected too; I was on Facebook and I am very much a geek; the idea of a phone with more computing power than Apollo’s navigation system was THE BOMB.

It was so smart my ass could dial it and burn unlimited minutes from my pocket. It could select (with my ass) who to call and when to call them BRILLIANT! I texted my Wife and friends; Facebook associates and anyone that would give me a number to send my thoughts and pictures. Then; as many used to do on Facebook I clicked a link in my news feed that was an IQ test. Awesome! I had to win it too. I did win or so it said; but I lost too because in my hubris fueled click that link started charging me monthly for some bullshit I never authorized. Huh? How can that happen? It did and it still does to many users there. The virus and malware on that site BLOWS my mind; and how it could garner a multi-billion dollar IPO is even more mind-blowing to me. You have to be a security specialist in I.T. just to keep from becoming a BOT NET member too. Lesson learned yes. I have seen the downside of this thing that’s a fact. But I am going to roll out the upside as I see it for the next year of Democracy in these United States and what it means to the World.

The embrace of Social Media has begun with vigor in the damnedest of places; China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and now North Africa. It has become a new Revolution called the “Arab Spring” defined by Urban Dictionary as:

Arab Spring:

The Arab Spring refers to the current crop of pro-democracy uprisings currently (2011) sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. The “spring” is in contrast to the “winter” of oppression that many of these countries have experienced in the past.
The Arab Spring began in Tunisia, with the self-immolation of a vegetable seller named Mohammed Bouazizi. This kicked off a wave of protests that ended with the ouster of Tunisian president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. Similar protests (and self-immolations) soon followed around the Middle East/North Africa region. More information can be found in pretty much any newspaper and/or Wikipedia.
The Arab Spring will eventually lead to a free Middle East.
‘Arab Summer’ isn’t defined…yet.–Urban Dictionary
Heady stuff there. Revolutionary talk and a revolution created by my nemesis Social Media. Texts to friends etc that swells into a thaw of  the status quo and sends that freeze up the puckered ass of any pseudo President or Democracy World Wide. Now THAT’S what I am searching for real time change! Thanks to VOA (Voice of America) there is a map of this movement through the Middle East @ VOA–124662649.html (tinyurl no workie)
Liberty: not just a town in Kentucky EST’d 1806. It was established by several Revolutionary War Veterans and named for one of the values of their new country. Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I am all about Freedom. I am a Veteran I served my time in hell. That our Soldiers valorous Service can become a marketing tool hyped by any marketing idiot from liquor companies to NASCAR. That sickens me to to my core. “Please stand and be recognized” the PA blares! No thank you. Much of my “work” was classified and I have no desire to be recognized; then or now. It makes me a target and that’s not good. I certainly didn’t set off to name my own city; that took a grand design greater than mine. What balls on those guys!
The upside to this Social Media is every person and the basic human right of freedom and the right to say EXACTLY what you want to say and to whomever you want to say it too. That’s a bitch for a Modern Day Dictator err umm President sorry Mr. Gadhafi or Colonel I lose track sometimes in the threats of attacks on Europe. Some will forget he had his mitts in my Service era with the Lockerbie Bombing of a Pan Am 747. Yeah he sponsored that. Now the AU (African Union) an impotent and corrupt collection of similar minded characters refuses to honor an arrest warrant from the Hague “for crimes against humanity,” including murder and persecution, “allegedly committed across Libya” if he is innocent oops their bad. BUT let the Hague decide; it rounded up the Nazis after WWII and hung most of them. The fear is there because Africa when pissed off has a ton of Arabs and other peoples that are sick of being oppressed with good friggin reason in my mind. Syria. Check. House of Saud (Saudi Arabia’s Royals) check. China CHECK. The Dragon might yet awaken and bite the ass off the Communist Party proper.
Now THAT’S entertainment! Hunter would be all over this shit; he would be handing out phones and Mexican cell service to the masses and give the bill to whomever sent him there to expose it for what it is Revolution on the new Frontier. Revolution from opression that has evaded justice for too many years. Let the good times roll.

What would Hunter think?

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The Needle

Fear and Loathing in Social Media

With the outright glut of Social Media out there I feel it’s time to add my take as a beginning to my leap into the Blogosphere. The Wiki definition for it is: The blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. “Interconnection” in my case is Social Media and the effect it has on Societies Worldwide for good or ill. I was amusing myself as usual yesterday and it came to me as a question: “What would Hunter S. Thompson think”? I believe that HST would buy the ticket and take the ride as it were. He would fear it and loathe it; but he would ride it for all it’s worth. I intend to do the same.

I was pressured into social media by my Family; my Wife and a handful of “real” friends. Real friends in that they were people I knew prior to my leap into the Thing. I am WEB based and very at home here. My window to the World is my screen; I’ve seen much of it in person but the web allows me to “follow-up” on my travels. I can use on-line satellite photos to see it as it is now not the 1980’s. I get my news via the web as my local paper is only published once a week here in the Hills of Kentucky. THAT drives me nuts; 10 pages of nothing but rural stuff that does not go much further than the Capital. The World News desk must be a huge bummer; but from what I see much of it is carved from the web.

Social media I fear and loathe for many reasons now looking back on it. We all have seen good side of social media. It allows us a way to be in touch and in tune with each other. As we add “friends” the word should really be associates. My idea of a friend is much deeper than what Facebook sees it. I will be using Facebook as my example because I started there. IT defined what I think of social media as of today. As I said I started with a handful of “peeps” and limited but decent understanding of the lingo. I thought WOW awesome real-time interaction at it’s best! Say what’s on your mind and post it; these real friends like it; ignore it or hell even grace me with a comment. The web had evolved for me. I was certain that this Beast had just risen to its feet and began speaking.

I typed and I waited for something profound to happen. Nothing happened. Was my Family not listening? Were my real friends daft? I became so bored with Facebook I began playing the Zynga games there. I played Mafia Wars while waiting for my chance to respond to something. Then; I found it was impossible to play without more friends; hence “connecting the World through games”. So; since my handful of peeps was not near enough I began to reach out for players of this game. Easy right? Not so much; you have to be branded as a “Daily Player” to get more “friends” to play this damn game. My experience with games was that there is a finality to it. A winner. But this game is about winning without a winner? I took the brand and became that player and went PRO just like Hunter would have done had he been suckered into it. I went from 35 friends to 300 after my first “pimp” it’s that process sells you and your gibberish to other daily players. 300 became 500 and when I realized WTF (what the fuck) was I doing? I had 2,500 people who I had to appease in some way every single day. This was becoming a job.

Sure I had group of good people at the core that were really fun to interact with. At my reckoning I would see posts from folks I didn’t even remember having accepted as my friend. Then the game changed; it was all but forcing you to spend money on it to stay “strong” and the items you needed to be strong become an obsession. Com’on you’ve seen the Facebook needle in people’s pics right? Addiction is the running  joke. It’s no joke. 2 things defined you: 1 Loot and 2 Skills. Loot was like Dungeons and Dragons attack points and defense points per item. Skills were points given to you for leveling to your next goal. It was your skills and loot vs. the opponent you fought. It even made some (myself included) to create NEW account or accounts to make a stronger player. It became a real fight for most. It became dishonest and disgusting. It became hack attempts to steal your credit card info for mafia stuff or Texas Hold’em Poker (ask my Wife). It became fake profiles with my Step Daughters stolen photos. It got weird; very weird. So I made yet another profile back to square 1 those boring peeps and Family and silence from the drone of “add me’s” and depressed status posts about this or that. I gave away my account in the end because it just made no sense to me anymore. I still have my boring little existence there; for what I am not sure.

Again it bored the hell out of me; I still thought there was more to it. IT being social media. That took me to Twitter and I am currently enjoying my experience. Yes; I have had 2 creepy “followers” that are porn promoters of some sort and why I am followed by them is a puzzle to me. I “follow” my passions Space Travel, Motor Sports, Science and Cycling. I have no distractions presented by useless games that require help from creeps and cheaters.

I can see Hunter at his chair screaming at the screen! I can see him shoot the goddamn thing; hell I wanted to. I can see one of my heroes consumed by the story and all it became until the end. In my true fashion when the going got weird I went pro.