Coming Soon – My Google+ Life

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Social Media

Google+ Yes even an old dog can find new tricks. I am currently test driving my G+ account and will be adding my experiences on G+ and comparing it to Facebook and Twitter. I can already tell you I like it better than Facebook and I have very high expectations of what is to come. OK today was a profound day 7/19/2011; Berit Ellingsen genius fiction author of very visionary stories added me to her circle!! I am seriously geeking out! Now I feel a real responsibility to not screw that up! Facebook blows for that reason alone; I really will enjoy actually having some interesting people to look forward to posting.

I have been on G+ for a little over a week now and I LOVE IT! It’s so much more like College compared to High School. There are no annoying ads; spammers and Farmville is thankfully not there. You can follow your favorites like Twitter and if you’re lucky they will add you to a circle like William Shattner or Berit Ellingsen did for me. You can post GIF images for entertainment of yourself and friends. You have the options to whom you share with; from just you to all your circles or public. Photos can be edited in the pic view which is very neat.

Stay tuned…..visit me on G+ here

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