July 4th 2011 Social Media and Liberty

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Social Media

It even has a proper logo

Protests in Yemen http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2011-07-29-yemen-protests-ali-abdullah-saleh_n.htm

Fear and Loathing in Social Media on Independence Day?

In my first crack at this Blog stuff I reflected on a hard lesson taught in Social Media. I know at least one great person that said I was dead on target and this round of fire I hope is too. TY BD you know who you are.

My first negative experience involved my kids oddly enough they are teens of course. I was frustrated and angry at the lack of attention paid to their work in the house. Oh the grades stayed awesome but the work began to dwindle. Dinner was only punctuated by buzzing phones as I had banned the ringing because of the sheer amount of noise it presented. Everyone had to turn everything up to hear it. Deafening. When asked what on earth what could be so interesting that entire conversations with them were not remembered by them. I had to know. Texting was the answer. They were texting friends; hell they were texting each other in the same house and their rooms were next to each other. Insanity 101 I was convinced. I soon got my own Smartphone because I had “phone envy” my simple device just would not do. I had to be connected too; I was on Facebook and I am very much a geek; the idea of a phone with more computing power than Apollo’s navigation system was THE BOMB.

It was so smart my ass could dial it and burn unlimited minutes from my pocket. It could select (with my ass) who to call and when to call them BRILLIANT! I texted my Wife and friends; Facebook associates and anyone that would give me a number to send my thoughts and pictures. Then; as many used to do on Facebook I clicked a link in my news feed that was an IQ test. Awesome! I had to win it too. I did win or so it said; but I lost too because in my hubris fueled click that link started charging me monthly for some bullshit I never authorized. Huh? How can that happen? It did and it still does to many users there. The virus and malware on that site BLOWS my mind; and how it could garner a multi-billion dollar IPO is even more mind-blowing to me. You have to be a security specialist in I.T. just to keep from becoming a BOT NET member too. Lesson learned yes. I have seen the downside of this thing that’s a fact. But I am going to roll out the upside as I see it for the next year of Democracy in these United States and what it means to the World.

The embrace of Social Media has begun with vigor in the damnedest of places; China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and now North Africa. It has become a new Revolution called the “Arab Spring” defined by Urban Dictionary as:

Arab Spring:

The Arab Spring refers to the current crop of pro-democracy uprisings currently (2011) sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. The “spring” is in contrast to the “winter” of oppression that many of these countries have experienced in the past.
The Arab Spring began in Tunisia, with the self-immolation of a vegetable seller named Mohammed Bouazizi. This kicked off a wave of protests that ended with the ouster of Tunisian president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. Similar protests (and self-immolations) soon followed around the Middle East/North Africa region. More information can be found in pretty much any newspaper and/or Wikipedia.
The Arab Spring will eventually lead to a free Middle East.
‘Arab Summer’ isn’t defined…yet.–Urban Dictionary
Heady stuff there. Revolutionary talk and a revolution created by my nemesis Social Media. Texts to friends etc that swells into a thaw of  the status quo and sends that freeze up the puckered ass of any pseudo President or Democracy World Wide. Now THAT’S what I am searching for real time change! Thanks to VOA (Voice of America) there is a map of this movement through the Middle East @ VOA http://www.voanews.com/english/news/middle-east/Crowdmapping-Arab-Spring-Next-Social-Media-Breakthrough–124662649.html (tinyurl no workie)
Liberty: not just a town in Kentucky EST’d 1806. It was established by several Revolutionary War Veterans and named for one of the values of their new country. Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I am all about Freedom. I am a Veteran I served my time in hell. That our Soldiers valorous Service can become a marketing tool hyped by any marketing idiot from liquor companies to NASCAR. That sickens me to to my core. “Please stand and be recognized” the PA blares! No thank you. Much of my “work” was classified and I have no desire to be recognized; then or now. It makes me a target and that’s not good. I certainly didn’t set off to name my own city; that took a grand design greater than mine. What balls on those guys!
The upside to this Social Media is every person and the basic human right of freedom and the right to say EXACTLY what you want to say and to whomever you want to say it too. That’s a bitch for a Modern Day Dictator err umm President sorry Mr. Gadhafi or Colonel I lose track sometimes in the threats of attacks on Europe. Some will forget he had his mitts in my Service era with the Lockerbie Bombing of a Pan Am 747. Yeah he sponsored that. Now the AU (African Union) an impotent and corrupt collection of similar minded characters refuses to honor an arrest warrant from the Hague “for crimes against humanity,” including murder and persecution, “allegedly committed across Libya” if he is innocent oops their bad. BUT let the Hague decide; it rounded up the Nazis after WWII and hung most of them. The fear is there because Africa when pissed off has a ton of Arabs and other peoples that are sick of being oppressed with good friggin reason in my mind. Syria. Check. House of Saud (Saudi Arabia’s Royals) check. China CHECK. The Dragon might yet awaken and bite the ass off the Communist Party proper.
Now THAT’S entertainment! Hunter would be all over this shit; he would be handing out phones and Mexican cell service to the masses and give the bill to whomever sent him there to expose it for what it is Revolution on the new Frontier. Revolution from opression that has evaded justice for too many years. Let the good times roll.

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